nearly three thousand years ago

scented skin you’re freezing you lock me in freedom guided by spirit hymns your tipped fingers printed tinted fresh dimpled indents sinking into pinked lips tripping sinking ink stitched into symmetry ribs god fore sake my you I give pressed chests flesh on flesh careful caress meshed eyelashes glide across softly spiked spines shivering collapses this space is mine pace defined beats inside arcs refined arching minds I trace your cheeks you lace my lines parched perching highs parting lies holding mimes souls twine reflections shine six butterfly kisses for a single salute mute paws pause palms fall over, standing you sit me down waiting to be found your love buried in lost ground breaking sound waking whispers rainbows crayoned out breathing hailing halos erasing your each and every single doubt

ink is free, so...

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