Deciphering Disciples

Malignant autonomy blatantly blasts-for-me tolerably, trying to live honourably, they label me a vagrant inclination, an unfavourable situation, breathing clashes, catastrophes, living classes through static contrasting philanthropy, fascist emancipatriotic philosophy, tragic semantic melancholy, patience is fluid enough for brewing austerity.

It’s solicited, meticulous part of the plan tomfoolery, contracting diseasing; absent apostrophes, permission to own posthumous trophies, neglible, faking prophecies, watching and forgiving con structured human atrocities, witnessing, constructing biblical differences, doing nothing in systematic symptomatic dichotomy.

Deferential lobotomies, preferential history secretes chronological hypocrisies, illiterates seek metro city hegemony, persons entrapped by iterated monetaries, it’s monotony, funding fundamentalists destroying archived societies in favour of fake social nihilistic niceties…

and here I am, blurting blessings like blasphemy.

ink is free, so...

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