my semi colon

Verging on two paths.
One of water. One of rocks.
My heart is vast.
You’ll not ask,

and I can’t find,
words hide, terms shy,
conditions undecided,

black and white resign to define,
an entity, my ball of energy,
my serenity, identity, free radical:

you stand before me: logical, practical, magical:
you’re my aura all the time,
each thought an antidote for my poison mind,

lettered mimes, reasons rhyme,
your raptured spirit glitters mine,

sensitive, every tiny pore is craving to be felt, every sediment in my delta melts, just a slip of a finger or a lick in a breadth against the smooth nape of your neck, a slick caress, it’s a nude guess, sultry kisses,

painted into golden scented shreds, illuminating shadows cast by your sunset, breaking moulds, beads tumble into tempting folds, attempted hold, stubbled brushes against reflexed collarbones, you close your eyes and see stars fall,

we see saw, and this with just a lip kiss on this bit of skin form, your air’s warm, sticky, sweet, mingling in the heat, a generated still from anticipating a deeper real, our surreal,

hands feel shoulder blades, souls made from hazel stays, skies scrape as curves shade, we lay swayed, spines surrender to stroking craves, gripping waists, sober tastes, seconds surpassing jaded ways, no more time wastes, better late than…

dawn quenches yawning days, clawing, glowing veins to chase, paving mazes phasing bodyscapes, our arteries shake, flesh trembles, fears escape, tipping fingers inside dipped vertebrae, clicking, collating, scaling intensity,

inking calligraphy with dignity…

he sits, blessed by the grace of ember quivers, remembering blisses, succinct glimpses, fractured and full each sliver delivers, silver shivers like diamonds glisten, delicious grins, listening, to me dreaming, his demeanour considers,

hearting senses, half-whispers, breathless, melting cordoned fences, psychological defences… my sensai… shun all… his arms call: I delve, he envelops my crumbling fall into a sensual disarray,

I stumble on words and he kisses me for… play, pray, for it to be this way in all ways, always… I take him, strengthening embraces, it’s amazing, liberating, lacing faces with blizzard flakes,

temperature raises, beating skips paces, praising names, holy places, encased in races stating no stasis with this status, our basis set, lost in check mate, wrapped in his swirling oasis, placated, propitiated, conciliated…

reaching into scriptures written in trust, dancing equations balancing us.

6 thoughts on “my semi colon

  1. nice…really great on the quick rhymes through the top section….and through your long form as well…love how you jump imagery but dont lose the flow of thought…this was a faun read…


    1. I really appreciate your comments and that it read well, I do wonder with the longer pieces that the thread isn’t lost : )


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