Politicians are deceptive, beleaguered and senseless…

oncoming dementia, assessing misadventure,
emerging dimensions, verging suspensions
supposed equilibrium, defibrillating milleniums,
each foreign forum, ignoring decorum,
exponentially increasing, now there’s more of them…

slave to their ways: this critical acclaim,
political claim exclaims freedom from strain,
a means to an end, all this time is spent,
proverbial advents miseducating guests,
mortgaging homage to soldiering our dead,

soldering bullets stealing income for rent,
dedicating vessels filled with cement,
in the end, every cent, meant nothing in strength,
disintegrating wealth, incoming gaps fully spent,
cuts in education spitting out health,

sending henches to trenches, ejecting our stealth,
memorial benches helping the rest unforget,
exploded dentures remain the only effects,
sipping tipsy iced tea slipping on decks,
unwanted babies lusting for sex,

unable to recollect last nights events,
wounded infects a moral stench of death,
perpetually lost in mainstream eclectic,
ich bin eccentric seen as being defective,
lest we’re forgetting who forged our defences?

ink is free, so...

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