Each connecting joint pains as I lie still or move, insomnia tortures me as if parodying spoof. Fiction scarier than any active real, take a given chance or steal a fortune card from this deal? Lost in dreams, dazed it seems. Woke up bleeding, invisible deems. You can’t see me. Lost in a memory, sensory repeat. Keel. Kill. Finished. Deplete.

Suffocating inside, my mind condenses into rhetoric knots, invisibly singing me algorithms of historic forget me nots. Thoughts dilating with muffled fuss, dialing tones to the past when we were us, love inked with lust sheltered ruckus cuss me for nothing, an altered dust in my helix cultured from broken ruptured crusts. I picture situations and they appear, as clear as day as bright as dawning tunes, ever after is an anomaly for never too soon. You’re my proverb, my blue moon. My oasis in a deserted dune.  So you know, and consume my runes.

There’s nothing left. It pains me to say, I wish you could stay but on yourself is the blame, you chased me away. I didn’t ask for a break. I wanted every single day.  I miss you with my whole heart, and so it starts. The memories and your smarter art, shards of glass. Another parted martyr outclassed, sliced in half. Muaaf. For what? You dart past your dark past, lost in your marked laugh.

You’re a shadow of the man I loved.  A shell left empty on a cold cobbled beach. A starfish without flesh dipping dead into the sea. Tears kissing your pupils as you try to feign sleep. Sustaining sadness doesn’t earn your keep. Knee deep. I ask you to speak. You stay silent, remaining weak. Wrapping yourself in arms that used to protect me, vines embossed with roses, once, now I see poison ivy.

Rashes spread across your spirit discolouring your tinted soul, tainted, no longer being painted in gold, shimmering glow of old, today, you’re shivering alone. Fully grown, brandishing a stone throw from your hellmaiden home, hands that rocked the cradle are the minds that stole your throne.

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