none of yours

insane demembraned;

untamed names exclaim shamed stains swapping game,
lame life in fast lanes, lines stay citing veins,
cut off points dismayed, may I, nay, my ray of light
inking poisonous shades delight,

take flight, it’s not alright but it’s okay,
this left fades me stray thus think,
these awkward blinks sink imagined whims;
fancy stings, tears shrink me tink,
diminished strings bring cliff edge brinks…

bells toll, wreckful trolls, crashing through,
hyperbole walls, watch me stumble, laugh at me fall,
ignore my heart hurting, missing my calls,
burning my oxygen at your stranger shores,
heaving burdens seen only indoors,
blaming my soul, when you are the cause,

lack of it all, in muddied waters, I still stand tall,
you thought I’d stall, my heaven can wait but I’m asking can yours…
I’m walking, clutching ripped auricles, passing oracles,
all hail this naked skin, allowing raggedy fails from before and within,
my heart sails into a breeze, and here I breathe, you’re wheezing;
seething; you see me; but I am free to be me,
so I leave…

ink is free, so...

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