and it ends here

happiness, is haphazard it makes for un, I am lost as to why my name fails to capture the sun, in its lightning I’m stunned gunned down by algebraic riddles playing to the beat of synthetic drums, moved and shunned, constantly irregular, stumbling in nettles wishing they were blunt, crystallising atoms blooming with needles piercing my thin film, stalling and rising filtering pain as if it was nothing, I died that day you’ll never know, too broken up in your own sway, your muddled up clay pot fixed oh would you look at that hearsay, baby listen to what I say, and here’s the proof it was your diamond day, incarcerated interpretations, expressionless eyes drawing through alluding delusions, doodling sudden executions, sullen renditions ten paces forward, reflection takes tied laces a million paces backwards, pretending absolution, substituting confusion for constitution, facing emptied chassies and looking glass dilemmas, I refract, retracting a spotted stance, speaking through a dreamy seance in a bid to forget the past, I pass time as a pastime, a parting gift for this last climb, drastic change in this cold clime, I’m all mine searching for goldmines, in the daylight and night time, no more bold signs for all times sake, I will be what I am destined to make, meet my maker with a clean grave, no space for even cleansed hatred, I’m hearted to my spiritual matrix, departing from dead particles, I am…

the living article.

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