boy who cried

I hide and seek, you skulk and scurry. You choose not to see the unburied worry, my flurried fury salt tears scrub into bitter wounds, heals all lack of space replying in this room. Tomb raiding heartstones you flew back to the moon, caught up in another scented per fume.

Liken it to leaking, you disappear when I’m sleeping. Words slip knot lucid feelings, curling about your lips as if I was dreaming. Your promises, are carried away into a lonely wind, once you were begging marriage now you’re drowning in a rush of sin. Sitting, intently thinking.

You instantly killed, billed any healing, making out you were building and really you were stealing, pretending you were heat seeking my beautiful feelings. Your truth stings and so the infected contagious satanic hating begins. You teasing heathen, I seethe cleavers in daggered grins.

I send you to the other side, no surrender in my time, distinguished devil hidden in your distinctive eyes. Veiled disguise. Your verses letting nothing in, retaliating with dispersed kamikaze spins. Dizzying, I understand it’s appealing, I’m reeling, in systematic disbelief.

It’s a subconscious thing, breathing incantations keeping me weak. Acting sweet. Your seemingly appeasing demon jumps seats on our carousel. Dousing me with docility conjured up in narrow spells, dark cells, your pragmatic humility swells, sour tasting hells, prescriptive meds, mercury lead in my stems fell me to a layered dead.

Leasing decency coaxing leniency from my every inch, believing you have an opposite meaning to your every thing. Daily invasion demeans me. Your demeanour stinks, I wince at your remedies. Take a man at his word and it leaves you with nothing.

Reminiscent melodies.  Your every double jeopardy is a memory filled with felonies. You’re a deficient being. Stinging me with butterflies and after soothing your cries, you, are the one that’s leaving?

Didn’t know man could, or man would, pretend to be my, wolf.

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