every yesterday

The ego has landed. ‘Tis tick all the boxes. Tickle locksmiths. You’re where my head lies. Mind lice sense . Time drags on. It flies. Tie your heart in ribbons. Cutting writes. Hyper bowling wides. No balls. Secret keeper catching nights. Man with a bat ain’t that right? Hand cover drive. Sneaking through the gulley skipping to boundaries high. Too. Much is never enough. He walks. An’ he huffs and he puffs. Magic dragon. Breathes purple fire at twilight. It only occurs through fear of spite. Slurs are vixen spikes to my spurs. Sullen purrs stir sirs erring on a murky morning. Prayer at dawn. For you and your own.

Accent accentuated. Back flips and tippy toe turns on asphalt mattresses. Scandalous. Crashing creches. Take a match to her tresses. Dormant messes. Touch of death once interfaced. Interlaced rose petalled caresses. Slanderous. Diligence. Conducive. Stupid.  Wireless. Connected. Sequential credentials. Astronauts and crosses noosing crescent dot potentials. Malnourished plots. Correctional facilities embrace defective clocks. Effective placement. This is not. Reflecting civility. Detecting imbeciles inside cheap shots.

Whisp of affection caught between teeth. Afflicted vexation licked condensation underneath dreams seeking mew for me. Streaming clean beans: parting gift. Particularly swift in a rift sifting cryptic critics fronting idyllic crystal ships. Sail away in this wind. Aye aye Captain. Just a whisper. A brush of your whiskers and I won’t care for it. Your kiss is my apocalypse. Cry when infection hits, purging statistics. Credentials enlisted in Islamic philanthropists, warfare, is all fair in love fore sake evangelists.

Lost for an eye spy seeking truth, speaking mute: an Argentine tango amidst trapped sand in dispute. Herewith: hitherto lands my principled youth, prince disciplined in ripples de facto in tact, injecting silvery matter perhaps this burlesque monotheistic catch is cracked etching fetched sanctions detached. Unabashed, eclectic fever seethes speeches to heathen heat seeking shackles romanced, dictating brainwaves transmitting radio ways, a ship drowns at the helm, spinning a spirited distaste on your headless pave to hell.

ink is free, so...

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