Discontented Consent

A thousand butterfly wings flittering, flickering in the sunlight. Time stood still I was free for an instant. As usual, in the next second the sky fell down on me. The sun. The moon.  All fated wrong.  Resistance weakens my strong. Turns out, it wasn’t you all along. I gaze. And you took. You begged. I faltered because I believed in you still. Now the stillness of each dying heartbeat slow motions every teary blink. Exhausted words. Fragments hurt. Your memory is just another godforsaken blur. Be vacant soul, you dare stir at another sir.

Reminiscing, when I should be kissing the figure in my distance. Persistence, giving in to administered ignorance. I don’t know why I let people into my life when they don’t deserve even a heartbeat of my love. I banish you to the ends of the earth and beyond the reach of immortal space above. Flesh it out, frown in your tears from which I continually save you from. Try your own patience, you’re too much, you grieve my bleeds always and then some. Here I am thinking, thoughting you understand me yet my physicality drowns in numb spirituality. You make me stand under you with such fuss, I was always about us whilst you were out flagrantly flaunting your unjust lust. Fulfilling secret trusts contemplating digits seeking dizzying cups. I was left, with kissing only your sated dust. Wishful thinking outweighing thoughts of waking up.

Licking my own wounds, eating broken teeth. You sit there pleased with your revenge bitten sweet. Bitter Caesar. I can’t speak. Even my shadow is shattered by your prints. Some prince. I’m in pieces seeking peace. Thinking to cut my losses just to be free. Thought he was me. He was the apple. Grappling for power. Twilight hour. Call you in twelve. Every deja-vu is a lie. Each word a truth in your metaphoric sky. Each syllable working against you coveting your love in disguise. Every kiss is lip service to another double roll of your dice. Too scared to be right. I despise your crisis making it mine. This is my life. You’re a waste of my time.

And it’s just begun, all these webs you have spun, strand$ untwisting now that I’ve found them. I’m done. Under the delusion I was the only one. Intricately placated. Privately inundated. I remain in, undated. Volatile. Unsafe. Molested sobriety. Violently violated. Violet bruises. Harassing caresses. A dense tense. Spectrum unfenced, you are my dark side. Ill defined. Sickness radiates from my mind because of how your crying eyes manipulated mine.

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