dearly beloved

we are gathered here today to show you two twinkling voices syncing at sinking moons, once upon a time fairytales in blue, beard was my pirate raucous though he was, ravenous his passion and for me there was none other but him set alight my soul so much so his stars I stole and wrote out his name in burning coal, kohl lined my eyes he glittered in jinn, my blistered fingers in shingles they live, stick in two ju pins ja du I win jamais parce que il parse ma parlez into idioms of will, this atom shatters, these electrons bleed, stifling dust settles on leaves you can’t see, spilling trifles so it came to be, riveting rifles point blank anniversaries puncture pictured skulls so easily, buried in waitered wasteland my maitre d baby, facial muscles remnant, rustling condemnations, reminding hustling bustlers we converse in compensation, see this blood here, it’s literal remuneration, cultural duplicity: guttural functions defunct when a heart is brokered abruptly corrupt, peering at life’s depleting summit, deleting these something nothings, falling from grace a second place: cliff edge rips skin to bloody red shreds: trace DNA two of the same name splayed against leased affray, lead me astray at least but the queen is dead long live the King, it’s a funny old thing how you think you’ll never say the words in your blink.

ink is free, so...

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