custodial sentence

Curl inside your arms… protecting me from everything but your attack. Laying asleep in my dreams you suddenly protract.  Your portrait. Poor trait. You’re only an act. Anachronisms fall shameless into trapped tracks: your tacit lack of substance. Counterproductive. Surpassing highs of mocked passions you set in the past. A game I resign from, scrambled emotions I’m dying from. Scrabbled motions see me crying some. Dabbling in subconscious, most reddest rum. You are you. I am me. We will never mix. When we are we, every breath will be an everlasting kiss.

Belonging to me. Alone. Fortress. Formless at my throne. Metamorphosis. Avoiding clones. Your drone strikes close. Reality overdose. Comatose. My heart is breaking. Dictating flaking smiles. You were everything and you forget me in miles. Breaking away, losing face, it’s a plan but none of it makes any sense. Imagine replaces empty veins, a heart beats dead for you, maimed, aim misclaimed. Maxim ordained under attraction subtracted, carving craves.

Stagnant magnets lamed, blame protrudes from promises turned into permanent stains. In amongst a burning forest of arteries, bleeding out stems into clotted roses framed by closed consonant poses. Ripped covenants mostly. Enslaved in echoes of the same name again and… disdain. Tasting belated misses in a mindful breeze, invisible rain. Lips locked… in pain. Rocked by my slayer slain waking with blood on my hands everyday. These palms truth broken stays, revealing stray faiths. An angel, disgraced.

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