My clouds erase their silver lining glancing towards his shimmering glow,
stormy eyes soothe with grace as he hands me truthful rainbows.
Lost in a strengthening imaginary embrace, I’m found unlocked into his fated palms,
a menacing artistry laid out in his sparkling coat of arms.

Living inside my doubtful mind, he soothes my raging furious rows,
even ciphers can’t touch his angel wings when I’m burrowed in his beautiful brow.
So when life isn’t journeying in a particularly thought-out or destined way,
I think about our melted stardust, stitching us back together everyday.

And you may,
it’s just another cliche,
but where would the moon be without the tides bringing his sun kissed morning every day?

You are my sky in each of these floating falling stars,
a crescent wrapped around in a smile for all the scars that you are:
because it appears as an epiphany before me in ephemeral parts…
you are my hailing halo in my darkest heart.

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