I want you. She slumps into a corner. Pauses. Waits. Sunlight turns to shade. Hope fades. Painful stakes. I warned her. Parred her. Stretch marks are harder to barter.

An agile fragility. Fused all wrong. Another dream. Shattered when I thought I was strong. Strolling. In a memory. You appear in my sensory. A mudslide. This time. Instead of being kissed. Am I which rhyme? Take your pick. Churning irony. In unwritten writs. Disappointed. A little jinxed. Disjointed mumbling. Crumbling. It can’t be fixed. Twisted harlequin. Delinquent. Miscellaneous anonymity. Pick me ups. All these classic broken bits.

Blinkered sickness. Body snatched. Flinted. Stained ashed glass. Chequered. Stickered. Cached a stolen heart. Meant to catch me. Attacked. He called it art. Unattached. At a glance.  Perfection in a tap. Dance with me. Rearview past. Wretched posture. Stolen scripture. Askew perchance. Icy cold equation wrapped up in an imbalanced occupation. Pursuing persuasion. Bullet deliberance.

Husky creation caused my rainbow collapse. Concentration lapse but I still give thanks. Dissolved scene. Purple meets turquoise. Poster paint bleeds. Embellished acrylic. Rushed strokes. Serene.  Stitched exterior ripping. Sourced outposts. Tumbling tambourines. Relics rapidly bickering. Burned. Mocking bird rogue. Morose. Speaking in code.

Ripe for the picking. Divine mimicking. Crunching neat rocks. Sipping dotted drinks. Preens ruffled down. Ushered. Elliptical smokes disguises muffled frowns. Flawed. Every secret promoted. Secreting screams. Devoted. Floored. Please. Serrating nuances deemed heavenly bodies decaying in streams. Conscience heeds. Unhealed. Fate is full. And fluttered, cut.  Sealed clutter. Bitten blister. Mutters hushed.

4 thoughts on “MisSAppropriate

    1. Thank you! I wish the rest of the words echo that same line; when I was writing it was difficult to keep going after the line you’ve picked out, it sums up the entire piece!


  1. “An agile fragility. Fused all wrong. Another dream. Shattered when I thought I was strong”
    Love this, beautiful written as always. I never fail in finding something to relate to in your poetry. Your writing always helps me escape! : ) Xx


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