i scent him

Seeking differences between living perpetrators; puppet traitors: meeting princes born into lip service perpetrating, perpetuating syringed strings attached to these fake demonstrators. Demons straighter than angels, dire straits when he unhooks heinous burdens. Each corner, every arc cordoned. Glass footsteps and broken dreams: gargle, rinse, spit, repeat. I have wishes, he has schemes. Abandons me weekly, fortnightly screams. Dilapidating daily, pumping computed calculations lately. In my weakness, I believe him…

Release me: he appears to not be a personality he persuasively perceives to achieve. Crying me sickly words, his approach is voodoo and clearly this juju. Works. Wheezing whispers, apple segments paired with steaming grief and whirling hurt. History made of make believe, another brief interlude occurs, conceived in a blur, killed in a slur, these reflections stilled, trifling with heart disease crawling in dirt, his ambience edges upon uncertainty…

And yet here I am being pulled into his intoxicating intolerance. Man of unsoul lacking substance. Subconsciously blinding, dying, his fury finds incontinence. Reticence rolling from classless tongues, drowning in amongst restless lungs. Breaching break point, permanently separate. Dividing spirit from being. Heart from mind. Syncing out, falling time, linking up silver threads under fabricated skies. Another erroneous errand on faded dotted lines. Tears on wrists, enough of the crying, another…near miss.

I’m patiently waiting for his kiss which will wake me from this living sleep. Breathing death, cloak and dagger, I stagger into another carbon copy brick built street. Pensive, penetrating stares enslave me, flashing chalking bone. Smoking out adrift, adept, talking alone, stoking embers trying to remember home, dying against flames carved into concrete stone. Discrete tones underneath his voice singing tunes opposed to his whole. Otherness bleeding from an indigo crescent, intoxicating stars obselete. Tremors creeping, creak in, keeping me lean, thinking about backspace, hitting delete but still, if I did, I wouldn’t be free…

Exhaling. He caught my breath and choked my start. Stumbled into his embrace. Criss cross stitch. He tore me apart. You used to be me. Now you are not.  Killing fables. Inventing knots. Spilling into a facade. Splitting atoms and shards of glass. Sticky fingertips. Breathing hard. Without you. The cusp of emotion is not worth living. I cry my tears for a broken breath on your weary wings. Angular shoulderblades, itching, twitching. Unlocking shocking hostility, thus, this situation, all my hallucinations mocking my faith and trust in us. A silent fuss, stealth radars dislocating impenetrable dust. It doesn’t settle although history rewrites the fact that it does.

An end result: displaced reality continues to fragment us. Interrupts. Ruptures, an awry flustered blush. Askew, acute right angles rushed. Revolving needle points away from us. Needless to say… trapped in circled time afraid of fractured compassionate lust. Lost in luck.  Your silence speaks volumes. Chaotic. Sporadic. Disconnect and call it love. Your empty heart fills my mind. Your open eyes close mine blind.  Vacant. He is situation mistaken. Try to give him up. Mislocated heart. Rules over memories undercuts reality ibn logic, repelling emotions instinct and gut. Notorious. A note to all of us. Notions encrust in blood, scarred and unstuck. Your wordlessness. Escalates my crying. Aching head, sinuses.

Returning. Granted. Wounds heal. Love congeals.  Concealed in a war on a silent turf. Numbing to pain. Pretending it doesn’t… refrain. Digest. Chain reaction. Gold glint on your chest. It’s a mess. Measure my love against the rest. I don’t remember. You won’t let me forget. Glittering twisted kissing your neck. Safe. In your arms, a blue inky caress. I start with an …

More or less.

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