bows and arrows

A warrior, a beast, a thief, a banshee released, ban she, banished, teasing me ceaselessly leading me sleep, at least give me peace, you see less leave me be, crossing reefs, bearing barriers cutting me free, samurai envelops me in coral beefs, feeding me frenzy pleading me grief, quarrel in zytoplasmic relief, sticky beliefs, drowning in swathes and stagnant sheets, seeking, speaking, sleeping deep…

curating mistakes, betrayed, still-birthing pregnant fates, build me up and tear my afraid, disturbing stillness violating affray, frowning self conscious glorious display… berating meditation, medication an occupation under dimmed lights night after day, losing inner brightness, fusing indignation, impatience creating non-countenance accounting for tailored remembrance, unsightly creature demeaning human being brings madness in a serenity purchased by illusion, gladness a virtual virtue if it wasn’t for diluted delusion.

Grandeur grants her make-shift landing, giving up understanding, under standing growing old, grieving sold for misfortune sitting pity in petty cold, pretty treaty fair weathered stones brittle bones, bonus golden hell oh precious hold atrocious bold ferocious told heroic victims go home. Hurting hunting souls haunting flaunting daunting words like they’re your own: taunting: along came a spider he spied her in spite of her tone, a tone meant for you before you were him patience tone deaf, dread, atonement in death.

Choke your molecular structure, you’re artistry in the eyes of the beholder, rupturing interruptions making out shadowy sculptures I’m possessed. I can’t speak, pounds and needles, pins and flesh, hold me down on the bed, shouting prayers as loud as I let, with the voice inside my head, my hands and arms bat away like lead, trapped in a world of my own making I’m dead. Non devout spirit devours me, I am taken instead…

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