night falls

My blood cells quiver through me, quiver through my veins just to keep me breathing. Life stands still stealing and scheming, at least yours was moving, living, worth the sinning even if your ship was sinking, I would trade places with you in an instant, for instance if it could be undreamt…

This realm feels fake, unkept, dwelling in a wishing well filled with mistakes, mortal mousetrap mutually neutral, brutally suited to dishonest snakes, muted under laddered mutiny give what you can the rest you can take, forfeiting understanding is a fool’s errand they say, striking bargains leveraging handcuffs and tasers everyday.

Haemorrhaging perfectly branded trinkets clasped in my hands as I pray, blood money punishing innocents light shining through crystals but it’s still dark in my way, pausing time but it still goes on lives not yet started already parted, parched in prayer incarcerated but martyred.

Subjected to soothing flames of tongue, every righteous breath turned fully wrong, riotous manner of speaking sparks weak against the strong, for so long, eyes behind curtains, veils dissecting streets, deflecting protective needs, gossip mongers falling to the knees of the sweet.

Destroying lives in the heat of lies, turned her blind, sighs like tides, time pitched against an opinion that’s mine, spying you through frosted glass trying to snatch a glance, beating heart and tears wishing you’re given a second chance, finding solace in the standing stance, deliberate remorse for this circumstance, losing myself into pools of rhyme turning over every stone, synergy lost in fusion divided I always finish with you in my minds eye.

My day caves in as you stay in your dimly lit cave, craving open air fresh smell of clay, every word can kill, set to make your heart bleed, each bare footprint represents broken steps across blurred steeps, my nightmare sleeps. Click of my fingers, it’s magic, red glitter dust takes me home, thought it was always with the halos but it’s all inside a superfluous soul of stone, my heart beats for you when it’s meant to give me space.

Reaching for your hand is like catching the rainbow in my tiny palm: an illusion. Waiting for someone. Waiting for nothing. Waiting for something and no one. You take away my breath yet there’s no way I gave it away.

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