contra diction in times

I love you, a love letter from my soul, believe every word that I wrote in mode, step to the world, refresh my take on life, beaming light shining from the lighthouse I was inconceivably lost at sea and now hope comes to me with ease, a state of mind, an altered fate, blinded and then it was all too late. To wait, for love to return or search for something new, traverse the path or reverse the fallen dew, lip service to the many hidden verse to the chosen few, hymn me some couplets rhythm me some sweets, tasting mint humbugs in my sleep, warmth in my lungs in endless hugs between me and you, unwrap you like it’s my birthday all day every day I giggle as you sway dancing me into a brand new day, take me by the hand where the sunshine ever lasts, moonlust dusts witnesses us falling into one heart, skinfuls of soul forgetting the past, it’s the future I see for the first time it’s you and the second time it’s me, no more forest fires factory pires church spires secret liars, it’s a whirlwind sweep me off my feet, glitter scatters chocolate crumbles cookie meets, my monster, Hello; laced inside your arms, fur through my palms, rolling dice across silvered alms, twelve minutes keeps me sane, scars kissed and healed for the last time so this time, stay.

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