adjusted heights

I know the truth, I hear it from him: my duplicate slim shady hades, takes me into another dimension where he hates me: diametric rejection, needled injection hate pasted into his heart when it was symmetrical affection: it was love at the start, in the end we have two broken hearts, why didn’t you reciprocate the second move, it wasn’t about strategic chess for me, holding your words close to your chest away from me, whispered against the swirling dark when you attempt to rest, your eyes, your emotions arrest me what can I do, couldn’t leave in the end thinking you were key and it was you, I tried that fateful day, sitting at my desk in tears whilst you played, I was the horrible human being you didn’t want to be seeing, nothing but a troll doll fluttering lashes to curse you, I take everything back yet you still believe in the past instead of moving past it I’m just a kid, I have some cellotape and pritt stick, I have some superglue but you don’t need it now, since you healed you.

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