glittered rocks

You see me, always did, wishing on dead stars for a living kiss, requesting mercy for sinking into this abyss, another tick crossed off my irrational list, side kicked into head wind, lost in words of God heard only in truth by original sin, staring up to Sirius and Venus, black night when once clarity ruled us, it’s a writ, there’s ten inside us, rite of passage curbs insatiable lust, incapable and precocious yet prestigious and precious.

Every seventh breath, ecstasy relates you to me, finally the dinar drops, understanding fully, phantasy. Yes, it is confusing. No longer amusing, soothing, moving. You do nothing. Yet I am noting, doting, faulting. Not a thing queen to your paper king. Losing, fusing minds, biding times, rhyming lines and words of advice. I look to you, dream of your eyes and your write, access denied. You’re a blur, I can’t see your face anymore. And you still love her, admit it. Silent beat of my invisible wings, unheard voice as my subconscious sings.

All strings attached. Emotions refract into some things that only a dream contracts, toying with his poison, just another one of them boys then, passionless act. And these said, leave him be, he’s your tears don’t you see, I plead, he’s me, the sting in my honey bee. No such thing as replays, better at trading rhymes than minds for a beginning these days, passing fresh ink, parchment if you’re parched, quench your thirst for words, let’s play for life not a stage to slay the master first, this end is not how it’s meant to be, it’s the journey from the depths of your heart I want.

Interlimbed, twined, addicted, my shivering spine, dying for a bite, ray of light, to keep me, for all time. You don’t blow my mind, you steal my soul. It’s you, did you know? Remnants of a web, love ripped to shreds. When all you should have said, was yes. And in solitude, I miss you. My heart bleeds. Fortress of torture, this skin I live in. Spine tingling heart break glitters under Lucifer’s brow, cutting eyes inside me intently, what happens now? The imprint of your soul reads like unwhispered words inside my sixth sight, fighting type face against your unwavering blind might for No. I’m unstitched, your love is my seam, I’m undone, bewitched in my dreams. I wake up, nothing is, as it once seemed. I carry on, in disbelief. Your concentration is your condemnation of me, culminating in confiscation of your self from my be. Every thought infiltrates into a real that is mine, I smile into your reflection, realise I’m blind, you are the light in my line of sight, heartbeats fall to my ankles setting me free, you’re mine in all sorts of final fatalities.

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