ruling the monsters

shallow haven heaving breath,
heathen stealth, pensive, intense,
broken looking back glass black dipped in white lens,
killed the master now he’s dead,
trembling ends in him who was meant to be my end,
level up, clearing stages,
collecting mends:
in a perpetual state of self defence,
it’s the stain of human madness
bubbles filling up with emptiness
in an attempt to forget

if only he knew
he has a fistful of clues,
these monsters and witches he permanently mutes,
his face shines dew
whilst he cuts them through,
clean in two,
nothing to lose,
trapping beats i sit bemused,
fating feuds: fused moods,
all eyes on me all hands on you,
getting all lost up in helium balloons

ink is free, so...

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