ax battler

shadows slip into a time where you shut me out,
close me down,
devour our ours,
demolishing dreams around and about,
shout that you forget me,
eclipsing our intricacies,

refuting duty;
louder than saluting your beauty standing out in the crowd,
my intention was discretion at arms length in truth it’s not so easy,
chaos in a summer breeze edicts kissing me dizzy,
remembering a past tense not today love I’m busy,
i conclude: it was you,

shimmering in blue jewels making bonds breaking rules,
too much for me too less for you,
confused moves,
freezing moods,
distance is a curfew,
notes lost in transactions abused,

fall to my knees high on sugar syrup choking on rattled runes,
watching me squirm wishing you’d swoon,
underneath your skin,
sheltering within,
finding ways to be without you,
foolish whispers…

brush away the hair from my eyes,
you glint in my sunlight,
fingerprints on your smile,
your residue lets my mind stay a while
on a wish cast into a skimming wind,
inked out goodbyes written into gypsy sin,

king into oblivion infront of a million,
two divide by one remainder curses cast into mapped out domains,
my murmuring heart pollutes our imaginary conjectured pain,
cut veins / purple heart / bleeding sonata:


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