i can’t breathe under the sea

Hands too slow to write, fingers not fast enough to capture the meaning,
grasping at useless definitions losing emotion, devoid of feeling.

Words dance backwards on their heads floating across my inner me,
crashing against a brick wall through which I cannot see.

To watch hearts break before your eyes and the sane turn insane without cause, any plausible particle enough to prevent it remains concreted behind locked doors.

What are you supposed to do apart from sit and patiently wait for transparent seeing through. It nibbles my fingers and aches at my bones, rattling my mind inside until I’m home alone.

The tears start. Silence beckons my heart, sullied angels faking halos stealing souls.

Your lyrics jinx me, my larynx fuses shut, bewitching wand sparks, and I can’t seem to adjust. Logistical linguist whimsical bearded late starter, waxing candle heart memories slow burner, what could be, just another one of those. You tried to make my destiny, but I control it. Time passes. I want you to be it but you were angry, perplexed so you stole it. Knave of inertia, wishes, dreams, rhyme it backwards and the truth you can see, if Us is all you please.

Triggered. Smiles die when you’re not here. Heavy atmospherics rain down on secret fears. Hysterics hit me, sullenly holding back the years. Suddenly, and all is lost within me since the last time you were hear. Edges of every purple heart blur into discoloured bows, wondering what the future would have held if it was now in my hold, wiping mucus eyes, crumbs of falling flesh was the pain worth the words that were sold for blood, caught in mauling mesh, drowning in a flood of love.

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