I thought you belonged to me, a wish set against the stars, raging words against rhyming bars, a bard cast out of a spell cast down from a dream set too far from my reaching arms, I whispered a wish into my universe for you and He gave me all twenty six of you, in the end, faking charms that’s all you tuned out to be endless memories of what could have been, blaming me, a shift, a test, chiding destiny, prince against a pauper see should have known better than to slaughter me quarter a daughter she’s nothing but a thief yet she doesn’t forgive you b I rain butane you didn’t see explosive mortar short of a cornered thought you thought you caught her meddled me muddled me lingering running your inky fingers in my IQ drop a drift or two hit some letters fetter the bluey hue cuddle a purple bruise heart melts into you who would have thought it who could have knew certainly not this pixie chop dixie shocked down head locked spitting electrics angered tricks signal’s blocked sick in my seventh heaven singing silent songs because that one wish the ring that went wrong was the wish that it was with you I was moving on soothing’s gone hope’s too soon thought I was ready so He sent you to me to you needed to be thirty two minus a few though I wonder am left you are right wings take you to where mine soar burn sting you belong to me at the same time you are nothing everything scarred heart charred art simultaneous contemporaneous erroneous dark you are meant for who you are your smiling vibes tame excesses in Persian charts rolling against beats etched into wound salts I crave you blood thirst echoes in a spark shining for two except two few eyes stare back a golden axe lost in a sweet shop for laughs my suicide my hand in yours that day we loved that night we died made a move too smooth too soon fatal fortune for my skinny crescent moon cropped into salvation dock me until I dropped tingled me with a tormented past which doesn’t cease to creep up public mockery : psychosis

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