looking within

Your iman’s not strong,
got your man doing wrong,
misguided youth,
‘cos of you,
he’s all up with,
boyz in blue,
thugs in queues,
battering hues,
bettering you,
buttered you,
outlandish truth,
if you don’t know who,
what’s the use?
You’re going to lose,
envy in jealousy,
‘cos she’s had a few,
you’re subdued,
dubbed loved chewed,
stubbed angels,
loaded guns,
stun bullets,
through dense chests,
hearts arrest,
in peace,
in pieces,
since he went.
I am dead.
Cramped necks,
panged heads,
pranged sets
to correct
functional absence,
lend memories,
unblessed guests,
infiltrate harmonies.
Guessed debt,
dented fence,
house bound,
stained red,
tattoo kissed,
my cheek,
sticking tongues,
fate leaves us behind to those who are young,
sing me a song of sixpence a pocketful full of cry,
oxygen on tick and you still wonder why.
Shadows keep me still,
spending time on crime,
it’s a sin but it’s the only thing that gets me by,
way of life,
another hello,
one more goodbye,
I wake up,
I run to catch my dreams in your sky,
ending nights,
shrinking eyes,
wishing I had the wings to see me fly.

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