Sticky Asphalt Dreams

Cracks are creeping,
across the surface,
I am weakened,
by each reading, he carelessly furnishes,
burdening me with his burning furnaces every breath,
is a touch of death,
when he dares to twirl,
with swirling dervishes.

Curdled cuddling,
I see me, shallow weeping,
in keeping with his devilish, hollow empty stare,
tragic mister magic,
he holds me, like he’s angelic,
eating marshmallows on amber coals,
makes me think his beautiful heart is rare.

Charred, drizzled in saliva,
aggressive bite after bite,
he spits me out,
bone by bloodied bone,
until I’m broken,
spineless beyond repair.

I inhale stale air.

My use is wasted space,
villainy sacred bare,
I was mistaken in my bliss,
ignoring the depths,
his strength,
impending spirals,
artistic frills and strings,
menacing puppet master bringing,
only dark-eyed starry despair.

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