Plain Sailing

Statue of liberty: stoning for unity, signatory for democracy is a signature to irony, treble and basic idiosyncracies, trouble and base parliamenteries, international inter bank indemnities, split personalities, presidential precedence, campaigns filled with eloquence, trick you into believing they’re righteously benevolent, it’s a coup, eat up wetted foccacia with cuckoo soup, make yourself a quick brew, coo coo you into believing spending on militaries is all good it’s all construed: millions of your brethren die of thirsting starvation because their water’s deuced, reduced, servicing fat cats licking whiskers with fully fatted clotted cream of the crop, stray kittens losing lives living off the milk of human kindness, or maybe not…

every government is corrupt: every country has its poorly, if there was purity surely minds would not be induced: consumed by fury, deceiving landscapes, natives grieving whilst imperialists leave countries in a worse state than when they went in, part of the planned investigating, entering long scaled centuries raping the territories, sentries turning on communities firstly protecting now regulating, neglecting, forgetting, cemeteries filled with bones and death wishes, believing spurious lies instead of detecting emissions…

dissecting dormitories filled with secret truths, covered-up stories, who really fell the two falling storeys two fingers representing grimy primed glories, sitting in the murky waters: grim fascist capacities, passionless politics and lunatic calamities, nuclear famine please sir more of this dopamine, passing the morphine….where there is money, greed will inevitably breed, seed of need, paradigm shifts stick as continents drift, drafts, clicks us declaring us morally bankrupt as predicted recession hits us…

Columbus saw the Americas and thought it could change us, destiny of the world reverts, who gave him his permission as conflicted wars still begin, commencing, propagating, simulating an eternal war for independence.

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