Invisible Man

My eyes are yawning peaks, lit matchsticks sticky beaks keeping heat I live in my land of dreams roaming free, expression’s lost momentarily sometimes better than this worn torn reality, useless form of integrity, smiling fake civility, I’m drowsy, eyelids like butterfly wings lashes like bee stings plucked into infinity…

This time last year I sat in this exact spot sweeting about the moon and my darkness. It was eaten even though it wasn’t speaking, but there’s no crescent today.

Destined to fight destiny the live long always breaking into reverie and mindplay.

I shall amalgamate you into one being, and that is the star I will swallow when sinking into the sapphire sky that is you when I’m blinking. The glint of your eyes shine brighter than floating nebulous diamonds and your smile outsmarts a vivid rainbow in cloudiest grey sheets of rain. You reach as high as an archer and you are as wide as a turquoise ocean beach. Your freckled bronze chiselled from desert sand echoes texture against the wind.

Beseechingly bewitching, you are everything I ever thought you would be.

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