Rubin’s Chaos

king of shaves
lording waves
freed squaw
enlightened slave
Neptune wakes in Jupiter’s shade
premeditating swirling caves
curls displaying fair skin splayed
jet black itchy palms spinal tapped amongst smiles displaced
ebony snow mixed braves in raptured showcased violet displays
affection wrapped in fictional malaise
scenario shapes napes
snapping back in a war waged
through turning pages
going rate for tearing faith:
controlling fate
wolf soldier makes
collects empty graves
abandoned cubs, happy endings flash disgrace: copy, paste,
cut, fuse scrapped by scrapes

wick drowned in a smoky crib

intentionally moving heavens switching moons
caught by rings trapped too soon
in a midnight inky starry lagoon

it trickles

this second in a breath

an interval sir, passes
longer than sand in an hour glass

length of rotting clocked time

I thought about how it could possibly be
diarising lone entries
cracked semantically
fragmented poetry
diagnosing love in perfectly
mirrored symmetry
a ripple in the pond explodes me internally
you’re not even reading me

clearing me up, labelling me doubt
you’re all I think about
when I’m supposed to be getting myself out from the count

tasting stitches

let me seek you

lashing wishes
lasting kisses
didn’t think a sip of nothing
would make my rock heart

sinking into blissful sleeping dust, it’s the only place I’m allowed to meet us…

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