Oberon’s Singing Songs

My soul divide angel devil inside my mind controlled by folded blinded bridled bribed brides, monochrome smile binds biding compulsive obsessive chiding queues, emphasised disorders malfunctioned broken dolls on cue, exhausted, syndrome of sorts, haberdashery pins, voodoo grins, sticking pins, sleeping pills, token exception to abused rules cohort and aborted, introspection suits a wild eyed diluted salute, point blank dilated doe my deer a feline mute, feeling astute duties roots me to beauty fury routes me to your tattooed refutes…

Delicately poised under freckles of dew poisonous for the fortunate unfortunately pursued, I died for you, realising youthful construes are nothing but bruised fruit used and abused, melancholy fortunes releasing truths, vandalised tongues speak silent as uncouth ruthless thinks me clueless, constant angst crying out makes anger rank amongst angelic thanks, memories playing over the very first glinting glance…

Giving rise, lightning rise and shine impulsive noting conditional rhyme unconditional sliced Alice was mine, fine lines between wrong and god on my right, morally contrite sidestepped to life’s carving knife, butchered tempers heightened delight in comatose heart beat fighting light, feathered wings bring me flight fickle jagged jawlines spite mine might once upon a time Jasmine and her Arabian knight decorated diamonds for a thousand one nights, prince of persia persuasion hurts ya, fated a hateful human being despite sunny dispositions to general guiding lines…

Iron fist cut lashes into wrists I think of you in stillness sentenced to punishment, I hide nothing from unconscious sight hidden in auspicious kisses, anxious jinxed genie fixed gridlock licked kicks wish he could fix us, stocked smoking barrels lost in catalysts, listless mistrusts tastes haste I made it so you hate me now it’s too late, miscalculated race frowned in layered cakes, tiers of drowned tears stream down my face forming estuaries absorbed by reckless veins, stained constraints my heart is blamed, blackened soul for the very same…

Take me, tame me but you couldn’t let me be free, you chose miscomprehension and maroon bleeding teeth, an ecclectic selection breathes blessings on these The End meets, steer me from crazy a lost forgotten thought in your world, I thought you loved me but you’re too lost in your hurt and I am but a girl, too much, for such wonderings, my warnings were issued, you didn’t pay me dues, your words echoed with instructions I blew my fuse, too few moments lost to time subdued, subtlety feuds so I killed the recluse, and your views are absent in my vinyl grooves.

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