rest in peace

heart stopped
in mockery
dropped a jaw
hit a line
mercury rising
riding time
you should have been me my I
eins zwei Coming of Christ
blind to your signs
divine declined
sublime heights
silenced echoes
dubbed rhyme
scribe enshrined
bitter surprise

too sweet sweat sticky
aches ashes from inside
sickly glistening overheating
your dime is dying
describe subconscious
hiatus times
crying sighs
status quo
signing dotted lines
morse code
dashed along
my quota of crimes
crisis of nature versus nurture
crucified rights

kissing sucre
pins and needles
karma sutra
calmed rites
spelled expedite
ex mikes the spikes
spoke like a prize
smoking me dry
blessed at the best
of times at other times
curses billowed out
from evil eyes
a smile disguised
as though it belonged
to the guilty innocence in mine

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