At World’s End

It was pitch black, the sky. Clear cut, not hazy, I saw the silver lining of every single star. Perfection in a dream. I glanced to my right hand side, we were running from three glittering golden spheres. Trying to escape the heavy gravity of the swinging pendulums hanging in the heavens by invisible threads.

One was hurtling towards us at the speed of light in slow motion, the other two caught in pulleys facing each other pulling away in opposite directions.  Glittering gold molten in heat burning masses of oxygen whilst we try to leave. We ran the wrong way. Oblivion. I stared, and prayed.

I grabbed everybody’s hands, tugged on their shirts pulling for them to follow me. We started across the tarmac towards the double-entrance glazing which hadn’t yet melted from the blistering temperature.

It was like a scene on pause. Every second playing out disjointed. He tripped over, six feet of man lying still on the floor, clutching his stomach in pain. I couldn’t breathe. I fell to the ground and held him in my arms, his neck and shoulder resting on my kneeling legs for support.

Struggling to breathe, I took away his hand from his stomach and it was covered in red. I scream for help. Shocked. Nobody came. They were all running themselves. Away from me. I held my own hand against his hand against the gash on his side, trying to apply pressure to stop the pulsing blood, it was as if his body was crying, the blood just kept coming and coming.

His eyes were shut tight trying to ignore the pain. I couldn’t let him go.

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