melted moonflakes

He’s quietly on my mind, quadratic equation unsolved inclined to salve aged syllables wrapped up in some kind of purified qasida rhyme, he’s still alive just not in my time: warped in a sum type of tightly sanctified rites lost in translucence hidden in justified quabbing bytes.

Verily I thought he was mine, abiding by applied co-incides perhaps I was blind, starry-eyed too forthright for my like, we collided, subsided, rushed in roared on one tide, I drowned in a variety of recited delighted might, delicacy in efficacy killing me softly I never asked why.

Sublime slime in the remnants of unkind suicide, sliced bites of cyanide inside inflamed crystal kryptonite I killed him I let him die, dimples smiled upon his eyes diamonds write across his wide cries for trying, stained with green I was meant to be his dimed queen, prince of light; king of shrines. I climbed lines lined with mimed lies, mined mines of sly sighs stolen kisses in the darkest night, knight in shining armour brighter than sunlight lighting solar fights with a ghost rider flying high to heights I might not sight I’m on the wrong side.

Slight of hand twist of zeit inverted pride is the price for driving stakes through hearts divine inciting contrite black and white dyes, mixed signs derived consenting bribes diving into race thrice upon a time, designs bind with aligned finds, always the artist never the bride I decide it’s right hush, hash, tag and I rewrite storylines, besides, I always looked to the moon for advice, mars, jupiter and sirius shine fine: refined vines confined to a mere verified sideline: once unified allies metamorphasized into an undefined field of lost landmines.

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