midnight pumpkins

Splitting lyrics into clenched fists closed minds, it’s a sign, sixth sight, sense fights, eyes lie, lined with kohl crying liquid sight, duped into thinking it’s all right, realising grime shines higher than honest shrines, this time is mine by god’s grace he states we were given nothing but pure beauty for duty to the crescent Noor, they rape us whilst we’re facing two faced looting rooted in fury as we speak in tune, in space swimming deep in a culture of defeatist Consumer Creek, con the summer bleak into wintry gloom…

sitting in my room dictating words to a Rumi moon, dictator ships sailing in the midst of being cruel, too kind for fair rule, which school of thought do you belong to? Sultan plucks a sitar string, harpsichord heart spell is broken, stars sing pursuing a course in the dark still, conscience brimming with oil spills, if I kill you with prayer I will still be smitten: you’re forgiven, you will smite me despite thee thought you could enlighten and heighten me, but you’ve forgotten me, killed and spilled, rotten spirit breathing through ripped gills, tipped for the top I will stay at the bottom because that’s where it’s kept real b, tears and tantrums deals concealed, blood lust sin blind and congealed, bloodless jinns locked in fortresses and I’m waiting for the us in trust to begin…

don’t trap me, bandaged brain, damaged held in my hands, it’s not the same when it’s sane, fought my fortune thought it was fate, he reminded me he could give and how he could hate, waiting at St Peter’s side at these pearly gates, he’d walk into hell than accept an invitation to heaven from a girl that makes mistakes, ignoring requests to conversates, banished banshee screams like a silent siren drowned in a lake, watery grave, waves of unlearned concern splash on to an already ashen face like burnt cinders, stubbed feathers, stench of black smoke envelops my human place, underfoot crunching fading clay underway. Didn’t think it would ever be me, never thought it could be, lost in REM; losing my religion cruising a way to Hell as if it never belonged to me, live and breathe, seeth and see, cleanly: an oath in faith made to he…

no matter how deeply I feel the mundane, I’m a puppet on a string with a knife between my teeth, my days are the same sane planed dazed playing plain janes, there’s so many me:s which one to be today? Jaded, with nothingness, I dive into your soul only to be eaten alive, you send me back into time, with a memory clearly divine, different minds, speak to mine, mining diamonds glossed in crime, lost in rhyme, heaven ascent gnarled in light, shunned by spite, difficult decisions spun at night, third most likely eclipsed by moonlight, stunned by might, warring invisible deletion rites, ecclecticism used to glitter me bright, lone wolf howling by candle-light.

2 thoughts on “midnight pumpkins

  1. Amazing ~ all this going on behind your eyes. If we were face to face and you were to blink ~ I might shatter ~ and transformation into a pile of broken glass ~ a kalidoscope mirror looking back at you…


    1. That’s amazing, I might steal this concept and write it into another piece of poetry. I wouldn’t want you to shatter, everyone else already has : C


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