Am Era

“Beg it, beg ’em, I strut in my urban jungle with my Liono, I’m Chitara, my Guccis leave footprints in the snow as I slink further and farther, I’m a custom-made troll accustomed to no father, no man owns me but I won’t shun any of them either, I walk on the wild side, it’s a cliche I know, but come with me and I’ll show you how I play bro, passing days, laughing ways, light through dark that’s life these days, that’s how it is for me anyways, any way is here for my taking, it’s in my hands so I feel it, make it, fake it, break everything I can’t or don’t want to see, honour; valour; fidelity; empty promises of chivalry went out with nineteenth century cavalry, allow it, I’m bad yo can’t you see, how I act; how I look; how I say, don’t step to me, I’m ill, I’ll bang you out: ma boi will kill your boi come nursery truss me, come what may, I make my rules this is my game, my roost that’s what I’m sayin’ blud, that’s how it’s stayin’…”

Oh, thundercats ARE ho! I thought that was just a saying. I was right then, from when I laid my eyes on your frames, I suggest you get a life shorty, a bit of self respect and some shame.

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