balthasar in alcatraz

all she ever wanted was for you to spread your wings: be brave, your ability for stability craving to raise a family instead you choose to be the wandering knave. It’s your hostility towards setting her free which is keeping you from your dreams, seeing is believing you can see something you can’t see, bleeding legs, bandages, band aid for your broken heart, you have powers to make yourself better but you’ve lost your inner art. Innate state of fated prayer, disbelief as you disappear, oblivious to what you had and now it’s gone you’re wishing it was here, relief in a higher spirit deliberately disagreeing with feeling peace, in the beginning it was all so easy but whose words do you now believe? Taking your life in your own hands because you’re thinking your landing’s deserted, open your eyes, the bigger picture hides your purpose, it’s ill-defined so redesign change the locks clean the surface, look around you still breathe yet you’re point blank refusing to live, instead you focus on stress and suicidal free will instilled, installed inside you is unconditional kill, smiling on the outside inside you are real, you played your cards all wrong sold your soul to close the deal, confined to your chest now voice rasps in your throat, rough whispers wheezing eventually you choke, valium soothes the pain but you wake mornings still, mourning, birth, suns in her seventh heaven you lie in dust with her ghost.

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