Diffusing the illusion, who are you to question my citizenship, my nationality, when historically, your illicit tactics totals up the sum of your foolhardy tenacity, our nuclear family is the nucleus to the insanity, the world’s in a mess and you’re looking at me sarcastically? Don’t stand there. You can’t harm me. Even if it you’re armed, I’m harmony. You’re crowding me. One, two, three. I’m freeing myself, silent speed of your lead, seed of need. I don’t need because I ache to breathe free.

Same words, waning worlds, interchanging faith: freedom over liberty feigning theocracy misquoted truths hidden in apartheid philosophy, all our knowledge is based on crusades, quests for sureties wiping out purity, our governments promote war for security, closeness to highest orders listless and forgotten, our lives screwed over with restless monotony, glutton for punishment, intercontinental momentum exceeding quotas exiling peoples like minuscule beasts, inner sanctum caught, cornered and caged to never be released, age raises, rages, tempers never cease, keeping belief…

Ignoring mind control copy-writing spoon feeding greed, subliminal activity invisibly aggrieved, spiritual vibrations are all but deceased, appetites excused feebly as exponentially obese, sickeningly weak, wreaking havoc, shackling feet, seeking maverick missions kamikaze clinique, critiquing defeat, nurturing nature as if you’re squeaky clean, lurking underneath is human consumption smirking political disease, apathetic fallacy exploding up the galaxies, no wonder you’re not free.

Self-imposed lack of awareness, decomposed social conscious breeds rareness, deformities clinging to conformities like it’s going out of fashion, yesterday’s made-up look is a cat walk filled with shameful attraction, lacking compassion aborting mistakes, you didn’t want the reaction eating your cake, should have thought about that before you interacted and shifted blame, lame excuse for a human dishonour in your name, it’s a screaming fleeting short-lived sensual passionless game, non-committal-contractual consensual contraction stains conflicted dames, consolation aimed for by consulates but they’re teeing and parring, they’re on top of their game, conning the sensual, priding you with isolation for your rape as their slaves.

Fill in the blanks, missing ranks, firing blanks, shanks of stamina killed by man, pretentious thanks, lank, dank, stank, chained to cheap labour force floors, manufacturing suicide rates and it’s only the vulnerable who fall, giving to the rich instead of the poor, furthermore, economically we soar while morally we’ve stalled, whispering divine writes into the day we were born, reborn, sworn in, alleging allegiance to the sun taking the bull by the horns, it’s alluring, the gold that they preach, teaching us to eat and drink it in our sleep, seeping, creeping, leaping with sinews even in our dreams.

Programmed by a need to be on trend so you can run, shun, make fun, condemn, condescend those that make do and mend, defend and send incomes home to famined families and friends, when money befalls you it’s a gifted godsend but where is He when you’ve offended peace in the Indus, Hindus and Muslims, human kin made to be scapegoats for a global colonial crisis, the plan was magnificence, same attitudes when racists give heat to peaceful Sikhs, don’t you see, we all lived in the same decibel state before the Empires of State created hate and mass tyranny, brutality that matches, outclassed by genocide and casualty for casual tea, killing spirituality and actuality, hostile divisions between all of us, causing new kinds of chaos, they call it stability: protecting fate, we’ll bless you by keeping you safe and now we are the ones still paying for their out-takes, that was our mistake, trusting there’s land when we jump into their lakes, behold how we’re locked in a system we can’t even escape, so who really breathes free because try as hard as I might, I just see governmental polygamy.

Bed of roses lined with thorns, blind with lead, burning effigies to terrorise Islam, effortless methods I’m the madness dawned, stub of my wings hurt, blades ache with dirt, miniscule particles illuminating dust, constant reminder continuous lust for lucid living, feathers to cinders burnt, burst: merchant of fabrications, penchant for sinning, losing a soothe sayer: mute gesticulating, learned in case of emergency leaned into a state of dependency, conditioned rate of diplomacy is nothing but futile clemency, deritend showmanship editing concocted credit ratings, lighting your eyes with man-made precipitation, how many people at the station, they’re all ethnic so who cares about the incarcerated, it’s dissipation, only written about in dissertations, ignore the academics just believe we are all anti-semitic , it’s semantics, missing the romantics, and the classics who interrogated truth…

Bourgeoise just don’t have a clue, the system’s flawed and it’s screwed, skewed while Obama woos an Israeli coup, I was made from a rib now I’m stabbed between the two, it’s killing my spirit, where is it. I can’t see it or hear it or feel it, but it’s real and it’s ill and I’m in it, red routes and missing varnish, a wish to vanish, and vanquish the stupidity of it all, and all I can do is sit and wait for the carnage to fall as our governments battle over human equality all for one and one for all? Wait, it’s all for nothing and one for oil, I’m in a state of epiphany, scientists would call it blasphemy against the dark arts of logic and philosophy, but I see the light whilst you feel the fright, coinciding, denying, taking it apart line by line, I’m not about to wish for richness and I won’t die trying, I’m praying for peace and will write trying.

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