deez on brown

So the sky turns grey.
It rains.
Tears stream from my eyes.
Rippling feelings,
about just another day.
Ripping apart come what may.
I don’t place any blame,
then I’d be the same,
as the favours
you scream in God’s name,
exploiting the rules of the game,
shameless claims to honour
you came with submission,
you humour me,
with penitent seduction,
scenting me,
with your mise en scène production,
sending me,
head first into unfocused confusion,
nausea, headspin, blurring sickness,
sensing your self-consensual,
controversially contrived contrition,
rudimentary elemental attitude,
feuding without permission,
admission paid with:
guilty contradiction,
melting confession,
lined and sectioned,
with too sweet,
metaphorical confection,
I find myself,
showering you with compassion,
when the action should be settled,
with deathly satisfaction,
exchanging transactions,
inevitable mishap:
it was bound to happen,
your welcome: it’s overstayed,
following paths paved,
with immaterial gold,
enslaved by over-rated ways,
of living out your days,
coming in from the cold,
mediating, medicating,
meditating, claiming my soul
as your crystal quartz,
but you’re only sorry now
because you got caught,
predicating sin,
on a conflict of sorts,
afflicting history,
as reasoning,
for disconnected thoughts,
emphatically raising high,
the hilt of an empathetic,
double-edged sword,
raging disaffection,
suspended in space,
tempestuous dissection,
with one swoop,
into a damning direction,
I cease for a second,
and I wilt at the expression,
envisaging the complexion,
written on your daughter’s face.

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