reeling feeling,
that’s some ostensible healing
you done got just there,

images screaming
memories steaming,
you done destroyed right there

streaming tears palpable fears
avoiding truth toyed
with a man’s heart just there,

dividing judgement
deserving punishment
your silent soul right there,

in a second you’re stealing
my life from my growing art inside
your crowded mind just there,

button dreams
peeling fantasies
burning unmade skin bare,

I am two pills
when I was nine months
but do you even really care,

I’m a mistake, I’m a fate, I’m too late,
you’re irate, you’re afraid,
because my dates aren’t there,

I am me, I am you, I am he,
I am they, I am immersed,
I am here and I am there,

steeped in treasury
turns out you’re too scared
to pay the penalty fare,

Lucifer latched you
licking whispers
in the free will of his lair,

layered cake
quiet wake while I make
my last breath right there,

rewind, take after take
for the perfect wrap cutting action
all you can do is stare,

oblivion waits: blank canvas;
invisible paint; a blessing
tightly dressed in faith is rare,

you played the game
shifting blame but
you just got caught out right there,

fiery tears heat your heart
tame your tongue creating control
and still you cover your hair,

angelic disguise
for a creeping demon
desperately escaping despair,

aching for redeemed peace
wheezing ease
but you freeze just there,

in a moment,
my bubble bursts
I thirst for air that isn’t there,

I was a double-dare
shared in a crazed state: insomniac hate
where was your mind then and there

inflated inebriation
supposing suffocation
guesting an appearance right there

selfish communion
square rooted union
your angels died just there.

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