Queen of Swords

I heard:
whispering whiskers:
twitching attack.

I was hijacked:
and back-stabbed:
odds racked and stacked at:
factless acts.

I lacked a way out,
forgot my battle-axe.
Her cancerous catalyst:
watched my double helix collapse.
His floating embryo hatched:

a heinous callous mass,
identically, generically
militantly matched:
abracadabra candelabra snatched,
sorcerer’s apprentice,
not the sugar or mouse.

Not taking the mickey or tempestuous grands,
designs on spiritual lateral stands,
guided by knives and daggers and land,
spearing not speaking,
your hearing contracts,
believing fictional healing,
over exploitational stealing,

matter of opinion:
it’s dissemination
publicising falsified facts,
identity dampened,
faithful are damned,
can’t lead two lives:
must subscribe to warring words,
serpentine swords of one man,

philosophy versus reality,
living versus fatality,
prophecy versus democracy,
aristocracy versus autocracy,
sea of see-saw seas sees
a sea of ceaseless people,
illegitimacy and pointlessness:
swear allegiance to a demonised society,
demolished propriety,

purchased generosity,
valiant honour replaced with fearful mediocrity:
it bleeds underneath,
heathen creatures breathe unique,
serendipity serenity substituted,
subset obscenities spill into bleak obliques,
normal is immoral,
morals are mortared,
captured and tortured,
support ordered disorder

like you’d ought to:
so who’s to caution secret police,
question silently slaughtered victims deceased,
untrap my soul trapped inside mortal
quarrels searching for loopholes,
a vessel, a portal,
it’s minor,
it’s a struggle.
nowhere to call your own,
disowned, alone, condemned, condoned,
the show goes on: life’s a song,

reality is wrong,
fakery and ficklery,
misery loves company,
order hates mutiny,
society loves scrutiny,
permanent feature,
future is duty free,
to move forward we need to be,
how we want to be, treated:
straightforward honesty,
cut ties with skeletal beings,
dust cob webs from cornered ceilings:

no more stealing,
wheeling dealing political reforms
lend to an economy kneeling for mercy,
thirsty work for the clergy,
believe in me,
and keep believing,
clinging to stinging memories:
there’s no need,
set yourself free:
from heartache and sorcery,
make your own destiny,
a sandgrain in the seabreeze,
an unfertilised seed in a stream of consciousness breathes.

2 thoughts on “Queen of Swords

  1. “untrap my soul trapped inside mortal
    quarrels searching for loopholes…”

    “sea of see-saw seas sees
    a sea of ceaseless people…”

    ~ you seem to be hitting the target though its far away & I can’t see it too well…


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