blood is in the beat rhyme

the impossible occurred,
paradox slurred,
coined terms,
twins burned.

He murdered her.
Lured, scared, scarred and spurred her.
Spurned, unlearned and joined her.
Spared then sparred and cornered her.

Pained, pawned and parred her.
Partnered, stole and parted her.
Caught a spirited bird,
wings blurred unerred,

incurred beat flirts just to be hurt:
immersed in dirt,
laundered rehearsed.
I heard, her faith:

nothing but a word,
don’t be absurd,
it’s a curse,
fate worse than death,

when hope’s reversed:
common sense deferred,
righteousness inferred.
Freedom later,

warrior first:
bloodshed versed:
in hell conversed,
blue, white and red nursed

the milk of human kindness perched,
he’s parched for thirst.

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