poison oxygen

It’s the gravitational pull, no need to wait until the spherical was full, pressure snarls into a raging bull. Bare feet patter on ceramic evanescense centrifuged, radiating pulses shoot through the roof, it was a mistimed cue unsedated synapses a million too few, whilst the collapsing of my capillaries continues to cause friction insitu, in sinew. I filled up on a cold stomach on a platform, in an iced box room. My system hits overdrive inducing exhumed excuses, first come: last refused. The pain dredges through my internals protruding outwards gaining the weight of the new moon. I wait. I lose. Consciousness. Knots blocking stopped cocked lungs, it pains to keep breeding knives and guns, darkness outmarks the sun shining light on bodily plagiarism.

Just desserts include plates of incredibly indelible insane, this is just the beginning, inedible elements are only teething it’s a shame, inseparable antibodies detained on terrorist claims, strength leaves my body, courageous came and disengaged: snapped at my ribcage the same way night snatches day. Rage radiates blame refusing to fade, energy depletes this centurion centre-stage, the will to go on is a simple act of faith. Cramp in a nut shell debilitates my daily state.

A shade greyer than be-ing, it doesn’t beg believing. Cracks in an eggshell defunct, shun my breathing. My eyelids remain in still blinking, I can’t relieve what I’m feeling, reliving concealed congealing I’m seeing dizzy numbness where my sight used to be. Light hurts me but so does the heat. Stuck in a hut like a dying piece of meat, the cold kills me, why does this happen to me?

I rock back, I rock forth, pain builds a pressure threshold I’m slow cooking, I can’t keep up, I can’t cope. My temperature rises nearing the point of feverish death, it’s a close attempt murdering the physically impossible event, no such thing as healing convalescence, it makes less sense, dealing in the scent of the white goods business, malevolent descent into darkness, correcting beads of sweat under house arrest, clicking wrists, missing kisses, collecting hits married to mister wicked, master cricket bowling wickets and that’s just a snippet indicative of the never-ending predicament…

Sacramental inflicted, sacrificial deliverance, amen, it’s an omen, o men, sacs brimming with mental addictions, afflictions affecting fabled depictions, purity is poisonous unless it’s a mixture, official statistics ridicule the game in tuition, my intuition, impossible mission in an unsuccessful deliverable, it’s a considerable sickness medicating pins and needles, a quickness in volition tips the scales of freedom, I’m a pre-recorded contradiction stricken from grace I’m still falling.

Malicious diction contrary to wishful perdition, vindictive seduction inducting conducive decisions, numbness continues derision seating itself in my throat, senile visions wrapping around my vocal cord, cynical umbilical suffocates in discord, biblical cyclical miracles steal forth, constricting constructing light on darkened checkerboards, I double over and hold my bleeding orchestrated thoughts, thinking out loud wishing for an immunity cloak.

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