nobody knows anything

memory sentimental:

sensory essential:

I miss your silliness,
faced with stillness,
it’s a sickness,
silicone silence:
creates like-mind sorcery.

Suicidal head-case,
homicidal psycho laced,
it’s the thrill of the chase,
open and shut case,
displace me from this place:
painful haze.
I’m amazed:
scathing blame.
Escape traffic:
Inside my name.


Ousting outage:
jousting lockets.
Locked beloved.
Motions mastered:
emotions plastered.
Bandaged baggage:
shooting rockets to the,
I’m bored of the moon,
I look beyond the skies,
sea dust:
sings me tunes,
brings me fumes:
sunny melodies,
escape tiny rooms:
banding dunes,
winter side of June.

Reason to life reason to rhyme
Treason to crime treason is mime

Existing to resist a kiss:
silvery ache from your imprint:
drowns my soul.

ink is free, so...

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