Tantalizing mastermind:
out of sight masquerades.
Under refined lines:
redefining dimes.
These are times:
for new lines.
He shines:
like diamonds.
For the first time:
I’m not dying.
He melts me:
motion emoting potions gently.
Emitting light:
no need to rely on disguised knives.
Nor words in blood signed:
I sigh.
You make me giddy:
high on life.
For the first time:
giggling butterflies.
Fingertips printing mimes:
I don’t need to rewind.
I’m watching live:
tides collide united.
Reading between lines:
letting you guide your hands by my side.
Tongue twisters untied:
blushing shy.
Gold and bright:
coy and mine.
Blind rhymes:
in time.
For the first time:
out of sight.
Glittering eyes.

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