sky in the palm of my hand

Imma be true to you, babygirl that’s what they say when they say hey beautiful, won’t you come my way, spend a day in my sacred haven paving ways filled with rainbows (stinging nettles lurk in shades of grey ravens), it’s gratis at the beginning but in the end they grate you (make you pay with pain) sky emptying tears draping cracked window panes, razorblades wane playfully, carving vining veins, black mould pared with tattoo stains, lame excuse for maimed shame, taste the morning dew, blows too many, blades too few, it’s deuce, dieu et mon droit split in two, twisted and trusted, trysted and lusted, spit on you pretending you’re right when really you’re obtuse, last in the queue, standing confused, alone and abused, squeezing knitting needles stitching the noose, standing on my head sitting accused, pleading acquittal violence eschewed, dizziness bemused, it’s a ruse for sweet scenting beds of roses, refusals aplenty glittering shallow poses, make believe fairytale closes, magic is for all time not just in small doses, memories causing psychosis, dreams flooding with neurosis, kissing a nemesis for the love of genesis, blind to blemishes: bitten smitten kitten snarling, menaces.

Another word another minute and in a blink it’s finished, this distinguished missing link eye contacting glint, connecting in an instant, it’s instinct, succinctly distinctive, suddenly vindictive, diving heart into sin, dividing soul from eclipse, divinity from within, avoiding apocalyptic fits, against ethics disease, can you please me, with your personality, personally I doubt it, go, depart, stick with your anonymity, leave and forget me. Waiting, private rating evading Satan’s sating, vindicate elated daisies singing nature’s praises, syndicating stating mating calls, dating market stalls, running under waterfalls, water falls without laws no rewind far forward or pause, a round of applause for a plausible cause, audible wars, sensory whores, contemplating who you might be, an if or a definite maybe, an identical me or something contradictory, killing me softly, venting lament, vehement stench, zealous pretence in a present discontent, pre sensed presence incensed incense, your hand grabs air as my heart hits cement, you save yourself like I meant not even an essence, ess sense, scent of nothing, no feng shui or zen. You’re a dark mark, sharking past I’d much rather part than park my carcass last pass the farced parlance on a par with a lance cast a line far into the sea watch him slip this little fish carelessly effortlessly unconsciously I dream.

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