trick syllables

it was written breathe me hide and seek blood red numb drop the world eyes on fire please mr postman sunlight when I look at you I’m not your toy piano tune hurt the recluse meow I can’t behave myself one cephei act like you know a place for my head winter hunter kickstarts I can’t stop run you down infinity where is my mind cracks ain’t no sunshine Knights of Cydonia where my keys bleed aural synapse raise your weapon professional griefers ghost and stuff when I die why they will die set fire to everybody dervish there for you; she tortures herself with the unobtainable; she’s merkin’, he’s sharkin’, they’re wreckless; game was to find out what they already were; it’s their own spin; it’s a diary like how I write these; spinning silly monkeys.

ink is free, so...

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