the apothecary and the alchemist

…because in the end, it doesn’t matter, my mind shatters, my soul rattles, invisible shackles feeding frenzied craves like a slave, time to be brave and play them at their own game, my life is not a playground anymore, my head crashes against the pillow sore, what is all of your pretending for, this isn’t history in the making, it’s simulating history faking folklore, forsaking a future reminiscing on memories four score and yet he learns nothing and I yearn something more, these feathers itch my skull and my mind roars earning my keep just to sleep safe under covers indoors, to fantasise inside a cinder urn, don’t burn me I implore you this heat’s filled with awe, hate too strong of a word to use for sure, hurling abuse because you want me to crawl, morphing into statements like you are my cure, it’s you I want to stay with, read, see, touch, feel, adore, I want to explore the world chew the cud with hearts instead of chomping on chores, I grow, taking up maximum control, all these cheats and waylaid ghosts I ignore, their past is false, deliberate, unreal, numb, I am yours to the core, my head lays on the floor succumbing to Your love for all and always and I realise what all of this was for, love in the present stemming from yore, eternal search for my time lord, I find the invisible door and it was all about You in my dreams I foresaw, afterwards and before, clipping claws spreading wings fresh, We soar and a raw smile creeps upon my jaw, this elixir of yours…

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