act like you know

My oxygen is filled with dreams, all I see is heresy, it’s heresay, working even on the Sabbath day, God is lost to urban ways, it’s us or it’s they, open your eyes, I can see through their schemes, hear their screams, the crescent gazes onwards to a lone star in the distance, and the stripes fade away, democracy now waylaid.

I can see me and my soul tied in knots but you can’t see how to connect the dots so I sit, lapsed in a nought dying on a cross, road, which path leads to paradise: synagogue; church; or mosque; they all believe in the same god. I’m just the mocking bird, ‘sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away’, wasting days claiming blame on dames that want fame, teaching kids about street life on the game, boy, and across the world, a child dies with an STD for being on the game.

Regardless of how deeply I feel the mundane, I continue to step through a laborious maze. Your way, my way, their way, the highway, or should I just stay away? This way, that way, her way, his way, or the other way? Facing the way to pray, which life do I refute, which request to refuse, which belief makes me stay? Which life do I choose to lead today? Not in my name, someday I will make you pay.

It makes every difference to me, this black and white insanity, dumbing down humanity, under totalitarian brutality, blurring lines; sectarian society, raped by material vanity, lack of sobriety, your errors in judgment failing mine and me, your living vicariously through my banality, it’s a paradoxical calamity, demand and scarcity, there is no subtlety for this twenty per cent eating up the eighty, miserly misery of western democracy, eastern dictatorships funded by cents and imperial civility, mocking fatality with illegalities, trying to keep my head above the sea, saw me in three…

If  you don’t open your minds it’s death on these streets, what will be will be but what will we be, come, I speak, for you if you cannot speak, I will bleed for you if you let me, I’m not the trinity, I am humanity, I’m the voice of community, I want to suck the poison from currency, drink up drunken stupidity, sink my teeth into the elite who eat my dreams when I sleep, brainwashing my soul where once justice could keep, scales tipped in reality, showing no integrity, militants know no objectivity, impartiality sentences innocents to guilty, pleading escape from daylight cruelty, a blindfold uncovers eyes that see only what they want you to see, I run away screaming bloody murder as society dies helplessly, will you follow me on a journey to a land, where we can actually eat, sleep and breathe in peace hand in honest hand?

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