pistols at dawn

kill me with your gaze, that moment stays, your eyes empty of disguise, you are mine, where did it go, this love betrothal, roaming in a seabreeze, you freeze me, it could have been so easy, yet we made it so messy, scribbled unnecessary consequences, holding on to souls too long to even know how to console, roll with me, murder most foul, quartet underground, splinter dreams of highest clouds, your strange ways keep me loud, I’m in love with you after owt, outsmarting fears and they melt into clear sheer non-existing doubts, steep crevices deep sleeping heat thinking pretend happy themes, scathing teething from how it used to be, where it started to where it ended, broken dreams unmended, too late for defending, doubled up armour, no way to calm him, straight up offensive, karma and now its just me contemplating, rating, stating, waiting for nothing, silent debates sedate me with fate, these little pills, ran out of red, ate all the blue, mixed them together, found a purple hue, no more voices, I came out as you, but I am me, two minds in one, confused, am amused, be amused, bemused, am used, you used, paid my dues, blew your fuse, my muse, your muse, cat mews, who to choose, finger points to you, chew and bruise, I had all the clues, ignored all the cues, broke all the rules, stayed in the wrong queue, should have run right to you, but I was stupid too, cupid moved, would you have saved me from falling into you, only had to do one thing, say one word, and it wasn’t even thought through, time to appease, but there was no reprieve, you didn’t even say thank you, it was me saying please, on my knees like Rumi, hide and seek, aky one two three, what does it even mean, safe in a haven place inside keep me true, as an aside your mind was heaven, your words spilled out as stars, your scars spelled out my name, I lie underneath my grave depraved, craving to rectify mistakes, baker’s dozen and I’m whisked away into white peaks, sneak preview, dropdown menu, mouse click, oh it’s you, sleeping past curfews, puzzled on this Rubik’s cube, dreaming of Cuba, let me smoke you, like that song, instead you shoot her, forget about the borrowed cigarette, and between my fingers all there is, is regret, I’m a broken memory, get gone, the one time I could have chosen strength, I let it slip through the net, call disconnect, SOS, SMS, lost caress, beating heart outside your chest, incorrect, intellectual, illogical cement, fermenting greyness, increasing increments reducted to elements, compound’s descent into darkness, clementine scent, if only you knew, wondered if I was nomadic too, rest with me under the moon, chopped me up too soon, another predictable artistic dune, scattering runes for some voodoo, daily marooned, subdued cruel abuse, you want me to lose, but that’s really no excuse for breaking twos, you’re obtuse, I refuse you, it’s all your own doing so hush and be cool, go away and live like a human fool, this is the end of the duel.

2 thoughts on “pistols at dawn

  1. these words have a natural music. brilliant.

    sort of like listening to a musician freely play their instrument.

    i like the way you write very much.


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