i just can’t kick the habit

You’re rumbled because I did not succumb, pull the other one, I am numb.  That’s the way the cookie mumbles.  It’s not you, you, or you.  Or you, you or you.  I can see through you.  Misty trust, broken dreams, I’ve had enough of, this seems.  Pretty words dissipate into rolling pupils, tell me something new.  I’ve heard it all before.  Your eyes, your smile, your life, you.  Marry me, er, no.  Prove yourself.  Prove yourself.  Prove your self.  It’s a shame it’s not you though, isn’t it?  Don’t you think?  A shame for who?  You.  Yep.  You got it.  It’s not perfection I’m after, nor aimless laughter.  Or the pitter patter of tiny bleats.  I’m OCD, you need to be neat.  I’m wreckless, be ready.  Hot chocolate over coffee.  Mini marshmallows and cream.  Insecurities and bliss in heat.  Three sugars because I’m extra sweet. Be sickly if you need to be.  Hold my hand in a street filled with everyone we meet.  Have an argument and slam a door.  Volatile and crazy.  Dip chocolate biscuits into tea.  French toast and beans.  Mubarak for Eid.  The past is no more.  Sweep me off my feet. Instead of filling my head with promises of what could be.  Because I won’t believe it.  Actions, are the words that speak.  I’m stronger than you think, I may present myself as meek.  Tear away the layers, can you blind me with insight for me to admit defeat?  Hi, Mom, Dad, this is he.  A whirlwind to my storm, straight and off-beat. Lightning strike me down, every time I speak.  Eternal child inside the heart of a mind alike, awake.  I don’t want you to tell me it’s going to be okay.  Embody it.  Be the electric running through my veins.  Intoxicate all of my senses with your being. Nothing half way. All or nothing… I want to drown in you until I can’t breathe.  So I have no doubt at all it could only ever be you and me. And in your name, I will be.

6 thoughts on “i just can’t kick the habit

  1. Actually S I really really like this. But you have got to find this person! – And Soon!
    (I have probably got it all wrong as usual : ) but its these little intense pieces of Gold amongst the dross which keeps me in Twitterland) –


    1. There is a first time for everything! Of course you are right, and “gold” : D that’s about the best thing someone has said to me today! Thank you!


  2. Loved this ‘That’s the way the cookie mumbles. It’s not you, you, or you. Or you, you or you. Neither is it you, you, you, you, you or you.’

    – Ermisenda


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